1% Donation to the Central Okanagan Food Bank.

456 Abel Street, Tsinstikeptum 10, British Columbia V1Z 2Z6, Canada

2507692215 or 2508643868 PLumbing, Heating, Gas, Drain Augering, toilet repairs etc, for Kelowna, Vernon and Penticton.


Why Help?


For over 20 years I have been in the Plumbing and Heating Industry and  although I love my work and meeting new people, something was missing.

 After a lot of studying of my self and the people in the community I realized we was only taking and not giving.

I had always been told that charity starts in the home but this is not true.

lots and lots of people need our help.

so we decided that 1% of all our profit will go to a nonprofit charity in the community.


I watched a movie staring Michael Cain about these old guys who rob a bank.

 In one scene, Michael Cain is laid face down on the Bank floor and he tries to hand his wallet to the bank robber but the robber says

"not you sir, a community looks after its elders!”

so that’s what we want to do.

we want to provide a great service for everyone. But a better service at a better price to those in the community over the age of 55.

Thats why we offer 20% discount on all our standard services to those over 55.

we also give 5% CASH BACK to a student that recommends us to there landlord.

Regards Matthew Field.

Help Plumbing & Heating Services in the Okanagan, B.C.

Help US, Help YOU to Help THEM!


* 20% Saving for the over 55's.

* 15% Savings for recommended customers.

* 5% Cash back to students of a finished job they recommended to us.

* 1% of all profits to a "non profit" charity in the Community.

Last year we contributed $260.00 to The Central Okanagan Food Bank.

Thank you to all our customers for your support. Let’s make this year even better!

Regards Matthew Field.



We will not be spending large amounts of money on advertising and focus on the power of social media like Facebook to keep our running costs down so we can pass on the savings to you guys.

Hopefully you all have family members who can benefit from our services.

We just want to give a top rate, professional service at a reasonable price and feel good about it.

Regards Matthew Field CEO.             Help Plumbing & Heating Services.

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Help us, Help You, to Help them..

Help Plumbing & Heating Services

2507692215 or 250-864-3868


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About Us

We are the Field Family


Hello and welcome to Help Plumbing & Heating Services.  We are the Field Family, Matthew and Maria and our girls Georgia, Gracie & Freya.  We moved from Yorkshire in the UK in 2012 after wanting to emigrate for many years.  It was a huge decision to close down 

our successful Plumbing and Heating Company that we had started aged 21 in the UK after serving my apprenticeship with my Father from the age of 16.  As well as having a huge passion for helping people and this Industry as a family we love to enjoy the great outdoors hiking, skiing and I myself play Soccer and coach my daughters West Kelowna Team.   

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Why choose us?


By referring your Family and Friends it saves us Money on advertising and we can then pass that discount on to you and then 1% of all Profits will be given back into the Community to a Non Profit Charity. Helping everyone.

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